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True Wisdom Real Estate



We strive to offer our customers fair prices, the best available real estate properties or opportunities in the utmost convenient methods.


Our vision is to be the world’s most customer-focused real estate company, where customers seek & find anything they might want to buy, sell or lease online. By using everyday technology, we create relationships of trust with customers, making True Wisdom the world’s leading real estate company with which everyone wants to do business by 2028.

Core Values 

  1. Build on the rock. Our relationship with God in the business is very important. We work for our clients as it is for the Lord, Jesus Christ, and we don’t compromise our actions and beliefs.
  2. Faithful in the little things. It’s the attention to every little detail that matters. By focusing on getting the little details right, we’re able to make sure your transaction runs as smoothly as possible.
  3. Provide more in value than we take in commission. The key to servant leadership is to give more than you receive & rendering service with a good will. Our goal is not to meet your expectations, but to diligently exceed them.
  4. Peaceful mind. We are very thankful of the actions we take to rent, sell and buy properties. What we are most thankful of however is how we’ve sold and rented those properties online with the Lord’s help. Because of our experience, faithfulness, diligence and integrity, we’re able to navigate the transaction with far less surprises and we have a great idea of what is possible. We guarantee a positive and professional experience.




The Founder

Bily Benilia

“I was always passionate about Real Estate, but from the moment I started my business True Wisdom Real Estate I just knew that Real Estate and I were meant to be. What I like most about my career is the fact that I come into contact with so many different types of properties. From Residential to income producing property and from simple one-bedroom apartments to historic heritage sites. No day is the same. I also enjoy meeting so many different people and providing them with the best possible service. I like getting to know & understand my clients, not only because I am a social person, but because it enables me to see things from their perspective in order to find them the perfect home or property and to meet them beyond their expectations.

The difference I make in my career is that I work wholeheartedly as for the Lord and not for men, I stay dressed for action and always keep my eyes open for opportunities. I am a real estate advisor and real estate agent who works with dedication, love, passion and humility. ”

Bily Benilia is specialized in rentals and sales (gated community).

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