Bily Benilia

Sales Agent/Consultant

  • Agent License: (599 9) 511-5251
  • Service Areas: Curaçao
  • Specialties: Specialized in rentals and sales (gated community).

Property Types

  • 67% Single Family Home
  • 60% Residential
  • 47% Residential homes
  • -73% Other

Property Status

  • 40% For Rent
  • 40% For Sale
  • 20% New Costruction

Property Cities

  • 27% Willemstad
  • 20% Sta. Maria
  • 13% Grote Berg
  • 40% Other

About Bily Benilia

Bily was born in Curaçao in the year 1993. Bily has attended high school Radulphus College and  after obtaining his diploma in high school; he continued his studies at the University Of Curaçao (UoC). 

After 3 years at UoC Bily got a vision from God and moved back to his mom business in 2015, pursuing his entrepreneurial career. He gained lots of experience in sales, prospecting and business negotiations, which is a great advantage for him working in Real Estate, when it comes to closing a deal.

Bily lived in Curaçao for 29 years. That resulted in an extensive network, one of his qualities as a Real Estate agent. He speaks fluent English, Dutch, Spanish and the local language Papiamentu, which comes in handy very often on this multilingual island.

“I was always passionate about Real Estate, but from the moment I started my business True Wisdom Real Estate I just knew that Real Estate and I were meant to be. What I like most about my career is the fact that I come into contact with so many different types of properties. From Residential to income producing property and from simple one-bedroom apartments to historic heritage sites. No day is the same. I also enjoy meeting so many different people and providing them with the best possible service. I like getting to know & understand my clients, not only because I am a social person, but because it enables me to see things from their perspective in order to find them the perfect home or property and to meet them beyond their expectations.”

Bily is specialized in rentals and sales (gated community).

Language: English, Dutch, Papiamentu

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Marketing Services

We help, assist and guide our customers to market properties and generate and nurture leads through a variety of services, including social media, advertising, video and text marketing. The marketing strategy we use involves promoting your unique value proposition to a unique audience or the general public to gain customers, increase sales & revenue by closing real estate transactions.

Professional Video Tour, Animation Video & Photo Shoot Services

We allow buyers and tenants from the comfort of their home to digitally tour a for-sale or for-rent property by creating quality video/photo content. This is a way to reach a larger pool of potential customers. A video tour can help your property to stand out. Visit our youtube channel for more.

Floor Plan Services & 3D-Impression

True Wisdom works with companies that can also provide our clients with Architectural drawings, Structural drawings, Detail drawing, Construction Estimating, 3D Visualization & 3D Event planning. High-quality 2D Floor Plans complete with room names, measurements, and with or without furniture. Beautiful 3D Floor Plans with full-color rendering and stunning details. Get a virtual walkthrough in Live 3D! Easy to step inside for a cool, interactive experience;

Finance Real Estate

Lending against the cash flow generated by a property (or a salary) is the most traditional form of real estate finance. In its simplest form, it involves a loan to a borrower which is repaid from the rental income of the borrower’s property or the hard earned income from the borrower. It is the most commonly used structure for investing in real estate. We provide you with guidance, advice and best offers available in the market.

Property Management Assistant

After the property is rented we still provide the landlord with assistance (After Lease Services). We believe in giving you a peace of mind and the best experience possible. Especially for foreign landlords we mediate in communication with tenants, assist landlords in planning, help our customers make appointments with contractors and do repair supervisions. 

Cadastral Services

We can provide a copy of all the cadastral documents/file, such as Certificate of measurement, Cadastral register, Deed of sale, Ownership Information, Mortgage information, etc.

Appraisal Reports & Estimate Property Value Services

Our team provides objective, impartial, and unbiased opinions about the value of properties—providing assistance to those who own, manage, sell, invest in, and/or lend money on the security of real estate. 

The following documents are needed for an Appraisal Report:

  1. Copy of the cadastral documents (Certificate of measurement/ Cadastral registry). This can be provided by us at an additional charge;
  2. Floor plan/drawing of the property is needed, if available;
  3. When constructing we also need a blueprint/drawing and a budget/cost estimate;

​The Appraisal Reports are usually finalized within 3 – 5 business days after the property Inspection;

Real Estate Professional Services

True Wisdom is primarily a real estate company. As such, the main services that we provide are professional real estate services in renting, selling and buying properties and providing well-grounded advice concerning a buy, rent or sell. Our team also provides additional services. Through continued expansion and diversification, our services now include not just real estate renting, selling and buying, but also a variety of other services that address market needs.